Different realities CD (2009)

"So finally we get the 4th album from Swedish quartet ! We get here 2 long tracks, divided into 10 pieces, whereof the first section is a classic SIENA ROOT sounding experience, recalling bands like LED ZEPPELIN and DEEP PURPLE, but with a more psychedelic edge. The 2nd part is an Indian inspired piece that are filled with stoned moments, sitars, tablas and of course electric instruments. This is perhaps the masterpiece. Sometimes very groove, sometimes, heavy as few can do, with influences from everything from INCREDIBLE STRING BAND, FLOWER TRAVELLIN BAND to heavier bands that still lives in the 70's classic hardrock school. I would dare to say ; This is definatively their best effort so far !!" -Transubstans Records

The CD comes in a jewel case with a 3 page booklet. This album was originally made as a LP with 1 song on each side. This CD version has 10 tracks but features the same 2 songs; We and The road to agharta.

NOTE: Only the CD available from this specific page. Go here for the the vinyl version.
You can also find this album as a high quality download here.

15.00 EUR


1 We
1.1 We are them
1.2 In the desert
1.3 Over the mountains
1.4 As we return
2 The road to agharta
2.1 Bairagi
2.2 Bhairavi
2.3 Ahir bhairav
2.4 Bhimpalasi
2.5 Shree
2.6 Jog

Total running time 51 minutes

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