Kaleidoscope CD (2006)

Originally released by Nasoni records in 2006, this album was sold out world wide for many years. Now, after massive demand it's re-released by Root rock records. It's Siena Roots second album, with a line-up and a sound that differs from all other albums by Siena Root. It's a collectors item and a must have for all fans of psychedelia, jaming and raw female vocals.

"The album is a kaleidoscope with '1970' facets. It's spectrum ranges from tight and bluesy organ-based, psyched heavy rock to beautiful eastern-influenced ragas with sitar and hippiesque flute. Nevertheless there's enough space for some well dosed jamming & improvisational intervals." -Nasoni Records

This CD is a beautiful jewel case with 8 page booklet, all in high gloss. Remastered from the original master tapes.

You can find this album as a high quality download here.

15.00 EUR

01 Good and Bad
02 Nightstalker
03 Blues 276
04 Bhairavi Dhun
05 Crossing the Stratosphere
06 There and Back Again
07 RidinĀ“ Slow
08 Reverberations

Total running time 51 minutes

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