A New Day Dawning CD (2004)
NASONI 033, ROCK025-2

"Limited vinyl edition of the first full length album by this outstanding band from Sweden. They combine the best moments of Deep Purple, Led Zep, Blind Faith to a very exiting and unique blend of sweet early-70's rock with a bluesy touch and some prog/ psychedelic patches. Heavy organ, strong bass, guitar riffing, jazzy drumming and very charismatic vocals fuse into an unmistakable integrity and honesty. This album will be a sought after classic very soon. So buy tomorrow's pebbles today!" -Nasoni Records.

The CD comes in a digipack with an 8 page fold out booklet.

NOTE: Only the CD available from this specific page. Go here for the the double vinyl version, which also features slightly extended versions of some songs.

14.00 EUR

01 Coming Home
02 Just Another Day
03 Shine
04 Fever
05 Above the Trees
06 What Can I Do
07 Little Man
08 Roots
09 Trippin´
10 Until Time Leaves Us Again
11 Words
12 Rasayana
13 Into the Woods

Total running time 68 minutes.

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